I am a Political Science major at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH attempting to encourage involvement with political initiatives around campus and throughout the local community.

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Satire as an Accessible Force in Democracy

Over the weekend I attended the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston representing Piercing Politics. The goal of my trip was to meet with other bloggers to learn how they communicate as well as to speak with politicians and media makers to find out how they galvanize youth into activism. I attended as many presentations as I could, along with my fellow student blogger, Andrea.

During our journey we encountered so many people and ideas that my brain is still a little foggy, but in my opinion the most powerful and pertinent panel we encountered was the one entitled How Comedy and Satire Can Help Reform the Media. During the discussion, we were drawn into the world of satire by Erin Gibson, Sara Benincasa, Matthew Filipowicz, Elon James White, and Katie Halper who utilize their hilarity to make an impact on politics.

All of the panelists were more than willing to reach out to the audience by answering questions and sharing advice. It struck me as I sat in the room packed full of eager listeners that this is the ideal way for college students to get their political message to their campus and the world.

During the discussion, Elon James White spoke on the topic that inspired by blog; the necessity of drawing people into the political world who previously felt they had no need for involvement.

When he spoke about his work, White said, “What I do is specifically targeted towards youth… it is aimed at getting people who wouldn’t normally pay attention to pay attention…I look at them, not the people already agreeing with me.”

This brings me to what I really learned from the convention. Everyone has a voice and with the internet, they also have the ability to reach out to everyone in our global community.


1) Youtube - a free account can bring you into potential contact with millions around the world. You can create the next Michelle Bachmann Saves America in just a few simple steps.

2) Twitter - Say anything that comes to mind. As long as its 160 characters or below. Even if you aren’t so self centered as to think that everyone wants to know what you ate for lunch, use it to retweet posts from others or promote ideas.

3) Start a blog - Be hilarious or not. You can create your own tone, your own audience and be unique.

4) Yell and scream, and tweet, and post until your voice is heard. There is no voice too quiet that it can’t find a home on the internet and there is no opinion that doesn’t matter. Whatever side of the debate you are on, you have a responsibility to engage in our political system.

Fools are my theme, let satire be my song. - Lord Byron

The jester or the fool is the one who gets to say things to the king that no one else can.

- Inspiration to speak out from Sara Benincasa at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston

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